Sunday, April 29, 2007

Morning practiced 20 minutes: 2nd Law, Bourree in Em (in DADGAD)

Goal for May: to perform 2nd Law with quality at some open mic at least once.

Afternoon practiced ~1hr: Bach in DADGAD: Bourree and Invention #4, Kadourimdou, Jigs, Murtach McKann. Part 1 of Bourree is nicely fitted to DADGAD - I will attempt two transcription projects within the next week or two:
  1. Invention #4 tab in DADGAD for both parts
  2. Bourree (at least 1st part) tab in DADGAD
I have an ongoing question regarding efficiency vs technical ability as related to musical interpretation of a piece: When does one say "I must find a way to play this passage more efficiently so it will be within my current technical reach to perform" and when does one say "I must increase my technical abilities in order to play this passage". Is the quest for efficiency sometimes (or even always) at odds with musical expression?

In an attempt to eliminate some personal waste and increase my energy for practice/play, I have begun to investigate the Dvorak keyboard configuration. This was inspired by a particularly lucid moment during which I realized that much more than half of the keystrokes I had just used to type a line of code where typed by my left hand! This could explain why my left (fretting) hand has been very prone to injury during periods of coincident intense computer/guitar use.

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