Monday, March 24, 2008

My home recording setup has a new component:

shiney new iMac! This was a very good idea, for the following reasons:
  • The iMac is a really, really nice machine - quiet, fast, compact
  • GarageBand is way easier (though probably not nearly as powerful) as Cubase, the package that came with my audio interface (a Focusrite Saffire)
  • The value of being able to leave the whole setup, well, set up and just sit down to use it whenever is hard to exaggerate.
Here's a quick recording I did Tuesday night (there are a couple parts that need a little work, but it is mostly there):

The 2nd Law by Michael Hedges

The quality I'm getting off the pair of SM81's going directly into the Saffire and then into GarageBand is quite good, I think. The whirring noise in the background is the humidifier in my music room.


dsjohndrow said...

Loved the recording... great tone!

Ben said...

Another convert to the brotherhood. Welcome to the Apple cult, young padawan.

Make sure you get some good anti-virus software... oh wait, you don't need any :)

The recording sounds good. Turn off that humidifier next time though. I used GarageBand for years, and recently got Logic Express. It's like GB on steroids, truly the next step up in professional recording. Come over sometime and we can use it to record something?

How To Guitar Tune said...

Actually I LOVE Cubase. I've worked on Cubase LE and I thought that it was just great. I've recently crossed over to Pro Tools and haven't felt quite as good about it. Congrats on buying the Mac though!