Monday, June 23, 2008

When Less is More

A killer version of Merrily Kissed the Quaker:

I found this whilst seeking inspiration for the "groove" on this tune (I know the Pierre Bensusan solo guitar arrangement, with Cunla stuck on at the end). These guys rock it way harder than I have been. Why? Well, being a whole rock band helps, but there is another reason. In the Bensusan version (at least the very rigid version I've been rendering), the rhythm is totally straight:


Your basic 6/8 Jig rhythm. But the Brandos put a little twist on it:


And many variations. The 'AHA!' for me is that they get more with less by being more sparing with the rhythmic emphases. And they are always changing it up in suble ways.

Actually, Pierre puts tons of little variations in his rhythm, as well as bass line, harmonies, and ornaments:

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How To Guitar Tune said...

In that first video, they really do rock that song, but I still enjoy the more classical version like in that second video.