Monday, July 31, 2006

Sunday, no practice - travelling all day, up to ME to see family.

Some first thoughts on recording candidates:
  • Capricorn
  • County Down
  • Fare Thee Well
  • Great is thy Faithfulness
  • And did those feet/Canarios medley
  • Merrily Kissed the Quaker/Cunla
  • The Rakkish Paddy
  • The Last Pint
  • I feel the winds of God today (Kingsfold)
  • Be thou my vision
As there are no new compositions on this list, it is important for each that a new recording add some distinctive expression or element. For some this will be a more sparse recording than originally rendered (Fare thee); for others it may a new mood or rhythm (Great is thy); for others it will be additional instrumentation to fill out the sound (The Last Pint, County Down). This last category means finding musician friends who would be willing to contribute to such a project, particularly fiddler(s) and percussionist(s) given the general theme I am aiming for.

I seems I know a lot of guitarists but not many other types of musicians... perhaps meeting new people will happen though networking, or getting involved in the kinds of musical communities where I'm likely to meet such folks (did I hear 'Irish pub jam'?)


GoobyNelly said...

See if you can find a percussionist that hits cans and uses a suitcase for a kick-drum, a la Skiffle-Bop. ;-)

Tony said...

Cool idea! I'm not sure which tune that would fit with... perhaps I'll have to add one or create a mind-blowingly weird arrangement!

I already have in mind to create a 12/8 time version of "I feel the winds of God today"... it sounds good when I hum it! Think something along the lines of Ten Penny from Blues and Ballads.