Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Well, I have my guitar back, with the neck freshly reset and refretted, and am back to regular practice. Last night (Tuesday) was about 35 mins, all in DADGAD:

  • Right hand warm ups (four-finger arpeggio patterns, two finger single string picking, two finger string crossing)
  • County Down
  • Great is Thy
  • The Dance of the Capricorn
  • Rakkish Paddy
  • The Last Pint
  • Kadourimdou (cut off partway through on account of supper being ready ;-)
I am very glad to have had the work done on the Bourgeois; playability is much improved, there is no danger of the first string getting pegged behind a fret, intonation is spot-on, and buzzes are gone. Unfortunately, I think I went for too long before having this work done, and am now faced with the challenge of unlearning a few bad habits I had unconsciously gained in order to work around deficiencies in the instrument. But this is a small price to pay.

Here is a good article written by luthier William Cumpiano that offers a thorough discussion of neck angle and playability (among other topics).

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